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Chris and Angela Lachmann met in June of 1996.  On their first date they talked about many things, but mostly they remember talking about their dreams of the future.  Coincidently, they both had the same dream…to someday own their own business.  A restaurant or catering business were on the top of both of their lists.

Angela, a native Oregonian grew up in the farm country in Scholls on her family’s walnut orchard and with some of Oregon’s pioneer wine makers as her closest neighbors and dearest friends.  She spent most of her childhood running barefoot through vineyards and orchards, raising “bummer” lambs and helping in the garden.  She remembers going out to the garden for fresh tomatoes or peas as an afternoon snack.  Later, after spending three years in New York City, Angela began to appreciate Oregon and all it’s offerings, especially the 16 acres she grew up on, surrounded by farmers and vintners.  Today, Angela’s mother continues to farm the Orchard and the garden, now “Grolla Garden”, producing the superior walnuts and some of the produce found on Grolla’s menu.

Christopher was raised in an old world lifestyle in Detroit and Chicago.  Although his father emigrated from Germany, Chris’ family followed most of the traditions of his Lebanese mother.  Having grown up at the apron strings of his Lebanese grandmother and mother, Chris not only learned the traditional cuisine of Lebanon, but also the friendly, welcoming and unparalleled hospitality of these beautiful people.  Chris has many fond memories of his Lebanese family’s many restaurants and various other businesses, from his Jiddee’s restaurant to his aunt and uncle’s ice cream shop to his own mother and father’s skate shop.  Owning his own business seemed almost to fulfill his family’s destiny.  Chris has always had a passion for good food and fine wine.  Having worked in “Chicagoland” in restaurants and country clubs as a wine buyer, he began what will surely be a lifelong course in fine wine.

Chris and Angela bought Grolla in March of 2003 and have enjoyed working side by side ever since.  They have three children whom you may meet someday dining or maybe even serving your salad or taking your plate after your meal.  Grolla Restaurant is truly a family business, drawing from the best of both Chris and Angela’s upbringing, welcoming their small children and working together to create a unique dining experience.

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