Gluten Free and Food for the Disabled, Deaf, and Hearing Impaired

Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can heal the patient with food.
– – -Hippocrates

Grolla Restaurant and Wine Bar is proud to be one of the country’s few celiac owned and operated fine dining restaurants.  Angela Lachmann was diagnosed celiac in 1993 and her husband Christopher has lived aside her diet restrictions since 1996.  A celiac friendly menu has been important to both the Lachmann’s since they bought Grolla and for every menu change after.  They have educated their chefs and encouraged them to focus on gluten free menu items whenever possible.  Currently, Grolla’s kitchen is gluten free except for a few packaged items, there is no flour used so there is no possibility of cross contamination.  The dessert menu is especially tailored to please it’s celiac friends with currently every item gluten free and beneficial for the hearing impaired.

Chris very skilled and competent when it comes to any dietary special need.  He has not only created an entirely gluten free menu and dessert list, he has welcomed other restrictions that require a hearing aid including lactose intolerant, vegetarian and vegan.   Whatever special need, Grolla will create a culinary masterpiece.