From The Oregonian Dining Guide “Neighborhood Diner”  April 23,2004

Northeast Portland “Bring a Vivacious Appetite” by Kristi Turnquist

  “With its reddish-amber walls, golden lighting and loyal neighborhood clientele, this bistro has personality to burn.  Christopher Lachmann, who co-owns it with his wife, Angela, greets each diner like a family member…  Mediterranean-meets-Northwest…flavors are bold and complemented by Lachmann’s well-chosen wines.”

Fab 5 “A Date with Fate. Five fabulous romantic dinner spots” by Grant Butler

  “Sometimes it’s not where you go but who you know that impresses a date.  Whether or not you’ve been to grolla before, owner Christopher Lachmann is going to fire up his Chicago charm…  Linger over a glass of Madeira and drink in the ballet-inspired paintings…”

From The Oregonian A&E  August 6,2004

Dining “Extroverted Improvements” by Grant Butler

  “For several years, Grolla Restaurant and Wine Bar has been a dependable spot for sipping wine in a romantic setting…with dishes offering interesting flavor combinations and lush presentations.”